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Deluxe room with sea view 25m2 Artigiana


With the dexterity of a potter, mauve, blue and copper colours have been skillfully mixed to embody – with the authenticity also found in the wood of a XVIII th console desk – a new enthusiasm for the crafts of the past. The same fervour guided and inspired a whole generation of Corsican men and women at the beginning of the 70’s. They merged together in philosophical movements that were successively called «A rinascita» ( rebirth), then «U riacquistu» ( the recovery).

These movements took place at a time when Corsica was battling with property speculation ; the aim was to win back control of the land. An association called «Aliva» was created in Sollacaro.

It was devoted to this revival of country life. Its actions are to be related to the ideas of the Enlightenments which were spread in this village thanks to the encounter, in the 18th century, between Pascal Paoli and the Scottish columnist James Boswell.