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Marie-Jeanne’s Bar

Marie-Jeanne's bar is a kind of homage to all these little vintage bars with acid colors that we met in Corsica of the years 1950-1960, and in particular to that of Marie-Jeanne that we knew well. Places of conviviality, unmissable stops for the travelers, they put in the honor for the greatest happiness of all, the home-made know-how through delicious local specialties realized by the women of the villages.

Our Bar of Marie-Jeanne takes this tradition. In addition to soft drinks and alcoholic whole Corsican, it offers you every day a freshness menu with vegetables from our garden. Our menus are fully homemade. They include a main plate consisting of 3 preparations and a dessert. Our vegetables come from organic seedlings and grown without any pesticides. Price: 25 € / pers.



Désiré's breakfast Buffet

Every morning from 8h to 11h, he prepares your breakfast buffet as you want with products from organic farming and/or Corsican