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Casa Murina
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Casa Murina

“Casa Murina” comes from “Capu di Muro”, the name borne by the coastal tower that closes to the north on the Gulf of Ajaccio, the great territory of Corsica of Origins. Casa Murina is like those beautiful houses that line the island’s coast here and there from the 19th century.

Thus, through its name, its architecture and its logotype, it evokes a colourful perception of the coastline through the ages: Firstly dark and made of red and black as the local toponymy inherited from a time when the coastline was a permanent source of danger due to Barbary pirate attacks and Malaria.

Then, prosperous, radiant with happiness and colours as soon as these plagues were removed and that the populations could settle definitively on the coasts of the island to exploit the rich cereal plains, and more recently tourism.