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cultural eco-responsible & European Ecolabel hotel in Porto Pollo

Casa Murina 4 stars South Corsica
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We have been Corsican for generations, both native of the Taravo Valley and more widely of this beautiful region taken between Ajaccio and Bonifacio, which we call Corsica of Origins. Since 2013, on an old family property located in Porto-Pollo, we have opened Casa Murina, our home, to all those who wish to discover the essence of Corsica.

Nestled on the peninsula of Porto-Pollo, from this end of the world, Casa Murina has naturally become a charming Eco-responsible 4-star hotel certified European Ecolabel, to unveil you while preserving this unavoidable piece of Corsica, which saw the birth of this country as an island, but also in its culture through the appearance of its first inhabitants.

From now on, Corsica, which is in us, may be yours! Discover our Experiences…

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