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The rooms - Privilege room with sea view and balcony 25m2 Moresca Porto Pollo Hotel

Casa Murina
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Privilege room with sea view and balcony 25m2 Moresca


Moresca or Murina ? You’d hardly know the difference ! However, in this room the rainbow multi-coloured detailing of the flocked chair which characterizes the MURINA are the perfect combination of the brown, orange and yellow shades of this new room. These colours are directly inspired by a Corsican artist drawings of the famous «Danse de la Moresca», but also by the colour of the sunset and of the Orient, as well as by the cross of the Knights of the Order of the Holy Spirit and the background of the Islamic crescent, both orange.

Indeed, the Moresca was a popular Spanish dance fashionable throughout the south of Europe from the XV to the XVII centuries. In this, Christian and Moslem dancers faced each other, each carrying weapons. It always symbolically ended with a Christian victory. It was a way for the native population to take their revenge, to conjure up a spell regarding all the invasions of the Turks and Saracens around the Mediterranean Sea.