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Cultural Decoration

Charming 4-star hotel

We wanted our charming hotel to have a soul with a colourful cultural decoration which relates Corsica.

A colourful cultural decoration? It may seem strange, and in any case, very atypical. Our purpose here is indeed to evoke Corsica of Origins in all its forms through the stays and downloadable visits that we offer you, but also within the hotel where each piece of antique furniture, each colour selected for the walls, floors and fabrics is not the result of chance: it makes sense and gives authenticity.

Passing the hotel lobby, “you walk on the sea” through the blue marbled flooring, and bathe in the sunlight with the yellow Carenia walls. Immediately after discovering the large living room, you are attracted and perhaps even taken aback by the material effects of the monumental wall which is at the bottom of this room: It looks like reefs of corals immersed in the Big Blue or the Sea of ​​all continents. And the 40s style sideboard placed just in front, gives it a special glow with its gilded glass doors … As for the bar and the concierge service, in their vintage style and their acidic colours, they undoubtedly make you fond of Corsica, his culinary specialties and the escape that you have come to seek.

Finally, this whirlwind of soul and colours does not end when you reach your room or suite: As we told you when you arrive, it is thematic and it makes you switch from one room to a place or from a suite to a place. Each room, each suite declines skilfully and in perfect harmony, the colours of a landscape, a story, a character, through the walls, the floors, the fabrics, the patina of period furniture carefully selected in antique shops…

Our cultural decoration is an art of diffusing with nuance, authenticity and refinement, the culture and the heritage of this part of Corsica where we are. It surprises you with its accuracy and extra touch of soul. Among these original features, you will notice in particular the original credenza in which are locked the Kitchenette offices located in the suites. Entirely created by our carpenter, these small pieces of furniture are inspired by the decorative style that has been given to each suite: Here a kneader, a donkey, there a chest of the navy or an olives press, over there a cabinet of Louis XVI style or Empire style…