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The rooms - Privilege room with sea view and balcony 25m2 Sibilia Porto Pollo Hotel

Casa Murina
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Privilege room with sea view and balcony 25m2 Sibilia


In one go, the purple spreads its fine, flowing and soothing aesthetics.

The elegant and refined shapes of Louis XV furniture emphasize this aspect. The aim of this benevolent creation is to call to mind the femininity, the supreme attraction of the beautiful Sibilia, a chatelaine of the high Middle-Ages.

However, this beauty is overdone. Then, without fuss, a shadow of a cloud-white appears, reminding us of the tragic fate of this heroine who paid the ultimate price as she refused to sleep with the hideous count of Corsica, Giudice Della Rocca.

This story led to a vendetta which was well remembered into the XIX th century in the village of Sollacaro. It even inspired Alexandre Dumas who stayed in Sollacaro while writing one of his works: «Les frère Corses».