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Our Ecological Commitment - The Ecolabel Hotel Porto Pollo Hotel

Casa Murina
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The Ecolabel Hotel

The Eco Label Hotel, A Meaningful Experience: "Better for the Planet, Better for You!"

Well before the COP 21, but also the new thermal regulations imposing the BBC standard in France (building low energy consumption), CASA MURINA has made the choice to get equipped with new technologies that allow it to be BBC -10% energy consumption. With the support of the European Economic Community, in 2013 it became the first eco-responsible hotel in Corsica.

Since then, in order to participate in the fight against global warming and to limit its greenhouse gas emissions, Casa Murina has strengthened its actions in favour of Water and Energy Savings, Environment Protection, Waste Reduction. These initiatives enabled it to obtain the European Ecolabel Hotel certification in 2018.


Energy and water savings
We realize Energy and Water Savings, by means of the energy performance of our equipment and the decisive policy in which we are committed to...
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The protection of the environment
We protect the environment by observing a total ecological hygiene within our hotel, by privileging the products and the human activities which have a...
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Waste reduction & Organisation of selective sorting
Since 2017, we organize selective sorting through a simple organization, requiring a small participation of our hosts and the training of our staff. W...
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