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The rooms - Privilege room with sea view and balcony 25m2 Murina Porto Pollo Hotel

Casa Murina
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Privilege room with sea view and balcony 25m2 Murina


Multi-coloured fringes decorate the bedhead of this emblematic room giving it a particular and unconventional style easthetically. It describes the perception of the coastline throughout the ages : A dark period indicated by the repetition of red and black.

A period of Rebirth, when the magnifi cent colours of the coastline are shining, due to the permanent setting of the populations in the XIX th. The elegance and refinement of the writing desk ( Napoleonic style) ornamenting the room tell us that Corsica prospered under the rule of Napoleon III, thanks to the reforms he brought to the country.

The writing desk is set between two fl ocked armchairs and thanks to its fringes you just remember the best of this colourful History, ending on the ground, with blue and black lozenges, which best combine all the elements of the room.