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The suites - Studio suite with terrace 40m2 Castagna Porto Pollo Hotel

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Studio suite with terrace 40m2 Castagna

This impressive Castagna suite is devoted to the chestnut. It gives Corsican and at the same time universal impression. At first, the impression of the autumn sun that turns brown the leaves and ripens fruits. Secondly, the impression of the forms and curbs that reinterprets the chestnut all over the world.

Thus autumn spreads wavelength of its warm colours in a normal way trough round table at the entrance, bedside covers, armchairs and pillows, fabric headboard, tapestry and curtains of the shower room. The brown taupe coloured printings of the impressive velvet at the entrance and geometric multicolored motifs of the wardrobe are the most unexpected… Or even the ceremonial red of the desk in Indian style, hidden at the back of the room. Could it be the metaphysical symbol of Mandala Indian religion extended to the ancient civilisations that makes us think about the chestnut because of its circular forms? We should say that the chestnut played a very important role in Corsica before, because it gave the daily bread, feed ration for rural people.

After being transformed into flour it was conserved in the kneader, we can see the same principle opening the sideboard that « conserves » the kitchenette. The chestnut is still used in different culinary specialities existing today : porridge with milk, polenta served with egg and figatellu, donuts, cakes and bread, based on chestnut flour