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The suites - Studio suite with terrace 40m2 Pasturella Porto Pollo Hotel

Casa Murina
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Studio suite with terrace 40m2 Pasturella

At the back of the garden, there is a small stone house, called « Caseddu » in Corsican language, that protects a discreet world and immemorial time of the shepherds.

Inside the house, between the floor, furniture and walls, the charcoal-grey colour and the milky white are one and the same. They remind the metal of the vessels of the past and the creamy beverage collected from the goat’s and sheep udders.

But we rapidly escape from this alchemy to the dark shade of royal blue, celestial and at the same time infantile colour of the room in Scottish style. We daydream and appease a little thinking about shepherds following the transhumance route and guiding to the destiny by their « stella mattuttina » star.

We imagine and we also remember the pilgrimage between mountains and littoral, the men and women involved into the pastoral life or sometimes forced to leave it. Mostly, the were alone with their herds but filled with wisdom making them meditate on life through different traditional Paghiella songs.