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The suites - Studio suite with terrace 40m2 Aliva Porto Pollo Hotel

Casa Murina
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Studio suite with terrace 40m2 Aliva

Exciting with the quivering of the wind. Luxuriant in the brightness of the sunlight.

The olive tree makes culture cycle to hear through its foliage, known as a permanent landscape and represented by imposing sound and powerful tones of this charming room.

The floor is black and green there, like the olives picked from the ground. The walls have a nice mix of forwards and backwards of the decoration. Matt gray background reveals the hidden side of the olive tree and the golden alloy reminds a homemade oil.

All the conversations and laughter among the women picking olives, bells and hooves of the mules bringing back the olives, could have been heard trough fields and paths. And all this live continued in a frenetic manner until the functioning of the last olive press represented there by the kitchenette.