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The suites - Studio suite with terrace 40m2 Pianura Porto Pollo Hotel

Casa Murina
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Studio suite with terrace 40m2 Pianura

The expanse as far as your eyes can see like a width of this room.

Reached in alluvial soils favored by exceptional climat.

A veritable rush to cultivate barley, corn and wheat is interpreted there by multitude of the colours.

The plain or « la Piaghja » (« beach » in corsican language) got rise to the « happy union » of the shepherds with the coastline.

There is always a strong link between shepherds and the Taravo High Valley, place of their origin, where they used to take care of different village communities.

To illustrate this relationship, this charming room has symbols of the wheel, the mechanism of the plough holding the table at the entrance, furrows done with the iron instruments and transposed by multicolored stripes of the armchairs, the kneader hidden by the kitchenette and previously used to knead wheat flour.