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The suites - Studio suite with terrace 40m2 Calla Porto Pollo Hotel

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Studio suite with terrace 40m2 Calla

Nothing was invented or fantasized. This Calla suite (which means « bay » in Corsican language), proposes us to get a waking dream of the sea wonders of Porto-Pollo bay.

Luminous, matrix blue invites us to go « from peaks to cathedrals », see a red gold colour through coral walls in Venetian stucco, bedsides in the Chippendale style, not forgetting the sideboard hiding the kitchenette like a treasure.

Then through the powerful yellow, multicolored stripes and velvet sofa we are invited to see the sea fans, multicolored sponges that could be a sort of decorations for the exciting ballet of carps and groupers and for the abundance of unique marine flora.

All of this, until we move to the mainland, go on the mosaic pavement that reminds us extensive beaches as far as your eyes can see, vestiges, shells and driftwood just brought in by the sea. Consoles and chairs in the Chippendale style were introduced in this suite of great comfort in order to remind and to keep a souvenir of your leisurely but fantastic holidays.