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In the heart of south Corsica - Ajaccio Porto Pollo Hotel

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The Casa Murina hotel is located in Porto-Pollo, in the heart of South Corsica and allows you to move around a large number of major sites of this department.

Only an hour drive north of Porto-Pollo, Ajaccio, founded in 1492, was for centuries a Genoese city before being the hometown of the Emperor. Its original castle converted into a citadel to contain the alleys around, was exclusively reserved for local patricians (members of the Genoese colony), while the islanders were driven back into the neighboring suburb (the current Fesch Street) or in the mountain villages overlooking the bay of Ajaccio.

Theater of great events including the so-called Revolutions of Corsica, its history will retain especially the extraordinary growth it owes to the Bonaparte family. From the beginning of the 19th century, Napoleon 1st, at this time First Consul, began to tear down the ramparts of the citadel and gain space on the sea to promote its urban and administrative development: Ajaccio then passes Bastia as Capital of Corsica. A few decades later, Napoleon III gave it a new impetus, through the construction of a luxury district consisting of Palaces and Cottages for English visitors in holiday resorts. Since then, a large number of thoroughfares and monuments of the city are baptized to the glory of the Bonaparte family. While visiting Ajaccio, do not forget to go to the Fesch Museum, the birthplace of Napoleon, the Napoleonic salons in the town hall, and stroll in the old center where you will find many shops and restaurants, as well as every morning a fish market and a local products market.