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In the heart of south Corsica - Propriano Porto Pollo Hotel

Casa Murina
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The Casa Murina hotel is located in Porto-Pollo in the Corsica of Origins. You should not miss to discover Propriano in this beautiful region between Ajaccio and Bonifacio.

20 minutes from Porto-Pollo and Casa Murina, Propriano is best known for its commercial port and commercial animation. And thus, he hides his distant past. From the 5th to the 7th century, the existence of the village was disturbed by the waves of invasions of vandals and Saracens. The discovery of the remains of two churches is one of the earliest evidence of the Christianization of Corsica.

Propriano owes its development in the 19th century to the construction of the road linking Ajaccio to Bonifacio and its commercial port. The modern city known as “Pearl of the Valinco” was formed at the water’s edge facing the incomparable gulf of Valinco, from which it subtracted its main wealth: Propriano has indeed built a solid reputation as a port of fishing, where you can find a local fish market every day. Also, most restaurants established on the main street are specialized in local fishing cuisine. Finally, every June, it is traditional to celebrate Saint Erasmus, the patron saint of fishermen.