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In the heart of south Corsica - Bonifacio Porto Pollo Hotel

Casa Murina
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The Casa Murina hotel is located in Porto-Pollo, in the heart of South Corsica and allows you to move around a large number of major sites of this department.

Real gem of Corsica with its celestial cliffs in line with the sea, Bonifacio is located an hour drive from Porto-Pollo. Created between 828 et 833 by the Tuscan Marquis Boniface, who dedicated his name to it, this « Corsican Gibraltar » was the stake of many convictions, including those of Pisa and Genoa which were fighting for it for a long time. From the end of the 12th century, the Castello became Genoese and was gradually surrounded by ramparts more than two kilometers around. From that moment, Bonifacio became an impregnable citadel so much so that in 1420, King Alfonso V of Aragon gave up in the face of the untouchable city, after a siege of more than five months. Legend tells that in order to seize the city, the troops of the King of Aragon would have dug into the limestone cliff the 187 steps of the staircase that bears his name.

Mythical city with the astonishing medieval atmosphere, Bonifacio preserves an important religious patrimony with about 10 churches and convents.