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In the Corsica of origins - The fortified city of Sartene & the genoese towers Porto Pollo Hotel

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The fortified city of Sartene & the genoese towers

The Casa Murina hotel is located in Porto-Pollo in the Corsica of Origins. You should not miss to discover the fortified city of Sartene and the tower of Campomoro, in this beautiful region taken between Ajaccio and Bonifacio.

The fortified city of Sartene and the Genoese towers carry in them the symbolic events of the Muslim race across the island that took place between the 12th and the 17th century.
The walled city of Sartene was built in 1550-1552 and attacked by the Turks in 1583. It was the rare if not unique example in Corsica of a castrum of the interior intended to gather the populations around while the fortified cities of the 15th and 16th century were still erected on the coast and included populations of Ligurian or Genoese origin.

Facing Porto-Pollo, the tower of Campomoro was built two years after the sack of Sartene. She was one of the few defendable places on the island. Its enclosure now houses a permanent exhibition that evokes its construction and all the details of its architecture, but also this time troubled by the various barbarian attacks including the famous sack of Sartene …

Located in Serra-di-Ferro, above the Bay of Cupabia, the Capanella Tower can also be visited since its recent restoration by the municipality. Built in bow, it is called “Trè Pievi”, because its construction and its guard were financed by the indigenous populations of three “pievi”(historical administrative division): Ornanu, Talavu and Istria.