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Filitosa and other prehistoric sites

The Casa Murina hotel is located in Porto-Pollo, in the Corsica of Origins. You should not miss to discover the prehistoric sites of Filitosa, Cauria and Palaggio, in this beautiful region taken between Ajaccio and Bonifacio.

The Grand Valinco. It is the cradle of the Corsican civilization and one of the most fabulous megaliths deposits of the western Mediterranean, with the prehistoric sites of Filitosa, Cauria and Palaggio located within a radius of 6 kilometers to 50 kilometers from our charming hotel in Porto-Pollo.

Nearby, in the municipality of Sollacaro, Filitosa is the Corsican archaeological sites temple with 200,000 visitors per year. In the municipality of Sartene, towards Tizzano, Palaggio is the largest menhir alignment in the western Mediterranean while Cauria is the most representative site of the manifestations of the megalithism of Corsica.

Several other megalithic sites are to be counted as the Castello di Contorba in Olmeto, the Settiva dolmen in Petreto-Bicchisano, the Focce prehistoric monument in Argiusta-Moriccio.

The totality of the prehistoric material updated on the island is in the Museum of Corsican megalithism of Sartene: Its collections illustrate the daily life of the island civilizations of the VIIIth millenium before Christ until the beginning of the Christian era, in a staging that “assumes strong images a priori contradictory: that of the safe (or frame of the former prison that once housed the museum) containing “the riches of the past”, extended today by new spaces bathed in an intense natural light.