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In the Corsica of origins - Roccapina Porto Pollo Hotel

Casa Murina
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The Casa Murina hotel is located in Porto-Pollo in the Corsica of Origins. You should not miss to discover Roccapina in this beautiful region taken between Ajaccio and Bonifacio.

An hour drive from the Casa Murina hotel in Porto Pollo, Roccapina and its famous lion retain the mark of time when Corsica became an island.

This spectacular rock, carved by salt erosion, as well as many other cyclopean stone blocks that can be admired on the 73 kms of coast that stretch from Capu di Muro to Roccapina, come from the Alpine push which took away the granite body of the primitive Corsican Sardinian continent, 300 million years ago.

An interpretive center on the mysterious world of these rocks takes place in the old Roccapina valance house, which offers exhibitions, shows and audio-guided discovery trails.

Topped by the lion and its Genoese tower, the beach of Roccapina with its crystal clear waters offers a striking sight as well as the innumerable other beaches of fine sand or rugged that one can practice on the great Valinco territory.