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The protection of the environment

We protect the environment by observing a total ecological hygiene within our hotel, by privileging the products and the human activities which have a low impact on the planet.


We care about the environment and your health. For this purpose, we observe a total ecological hygiene in our rooms and suites, as well as in the common areas of our hotel.

– Our most ecological and healthy means for your health: Two steam vacuum cleaners for the floors and furniture maintenance. The water vapour contains no chemicals, no perfume. Projected at 160 ° C with a pressure of 6 bars, it has the ability to kill germs, bacteria and pests like bed bugs. The water required for the operation of these devices comes from the condensation of the air conditioners. These devices allow us to save water and cleaning products like detergent and lacquer.

– Detergents are only used for window and sanitary cleaning and are European Ecolabel certified.

– Household utensils (mop, dust cloth, sponge) are for single use and per room.

– Eco-friendly covers protect bedding in every room for possible pest and mite infestations. (from the brand Protect a bed)


– The cleaning products are 100% ecological: detergents, laundry powder, kitchen degreasers… Their consumption is reduced to the maximum by means of the use of the steam vacuum cleaner and a solid training of our staff.

– Toiletries and welcoming products are also entirely ecological: soaps, shower gel, shampoos, toilet paper. They are also “collective” to limit the volume of waste.

– Interior paints are certified with European Ecolabel.

– No perfume, no chemical is used for the embalming of the private and common areas of the hotel.

– No harmful product is used against insects: we use traps with pheromone and glue to attract and eradicate them. They are placed under each bed.

– The hotel’s breakfast buffet and bar offer Corsican and / or organic products.

– Downloadable tours are available to discover the surrounding sites.

– Quality and environmentally friendly leisure activities are preferred: hiking, mountain biking, horse riding, scuba diving, sailing, kayak…

– Circuits, markets to meet community artisans and farmers are put forward.