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The pond of Tanchiccia

The pond of Tanchiccia, Corsican biodiversity in the spotlight

Opened in June 2017 to the public, the pond of Tanchiccia is a remarkable natural area, member of the Natura 2000 network.

Corsican biodiversity in Porto-Pollo

This preserved area is a remarkable example of Corsican biodiversity, as the richness of the fauna and flora of this wetland is impressive. But the wealth of Corsica would not be so beautiful if it was not shared while being preserved.

The Casa Murina hotel team, the first eco-responsible hotel in Corsica, is proud to be able to promote this open-air museum, which is free and accessible to all.

The pond is located in the municipality of Serra di Ferro, a few minutes from Porto Pollo.

Covering an area of ​​28 ha, it is part of a larger and more sensitive natural ensemble at the mouth of the Taravo, spreading over an area of ​​nearly 80 ha. Classified Natural Areas of Ecological Interest Fauna and Flora (Znieff) the pond is today the symbol of these wetlands in Corsica so rich in life that it is essential to preserve and value them so that everyone can discover this immense wealth.

The department of South Corsica has therefore invested heavily in this area to make it a place of discovery via nearly 1 km of pathway, so some portions were made on stilts. Four observation posts and a tower have been set up to discover the local flora and fauna.

A rich fauna and flora

The pond of Tanchiccia is home to a typical flora of the island’s wetlands by the sea. There are, depending on the season, aquatic plants, trees, medicinal plants and even some orchids.
The fauna is also important with several species of frogs, turtles, flying insects like dragonflies ….
As is often the case in wetlands, there are many birds that choose to live here for the duration of a migratory passage or in a definitive way.

An organised place for visits

In order to open it to as many people as possible, the department has arranged the pond to facilitate parking at its roadside entrance. Free access is possible all year long (with extended hours from April to October). Some of the stilt trails have been developed to be accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Many educational panels are set up to explain and provide information throughout the course. And for the most curious, binoculars are available for the public (with deposit).

A new activity that adds to the already long list of “everything to be done” in Porto Pollo.

Note: The discovery of the pond of Tanchiccia is included in our stay named ‘On the paths of red and black‘.