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The beach of Cupabia

The beach of Cupabia is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches of the west coast of Corsica.

Cupabia, the gem of Serra-di-Ferro

This vast open bay has preserved a coastline almost virgin and protected to become one of the most popular place for beach lovers in Corsica. Far from crowds and celebrity beaches, Cupabia cultivates on the contrary that authentic side that characterizes so well the region of Serra di Ferro or Porto Pollo.
This end of the world yet so close to large cities like Ajaccio or Propriano has managed its development while preserving its pristine beach.
This vast beach of fine sand is bordered on each side by small creeks, discreet and quiet, allowing to choose the desired atmosphere on the beach. The central part is actually the closest to the large car park and restaurants. It is therefore the most familial part too.

Spring in Cupabia
If you have the chance to come to the hotel in spring, we invite you to discover the beach of Cupabia. No matter if the temperature of the water does not allow swimming, you will be charmed by the incredible flowery side of this bay surrounded by maquis and bordered by many protected species.

The beach for swiming with the family
For lovers of swimming, you are close to paradise in Cupabia.

The water is an incredible turquoise color, so limpid that it will be very difficult not to stop there. Especially since this beach offers a gentle and gradual slope for a safe swim. Rare are the days of summer when the waves will be strong, but stay cautious.

The beach in the heart of excursions

Out of saison, the beach of Cupabia is in the heart of many hiking trails.
On foot or on horseback, you can enjoy the off-season to discover this beach and the region in different ways. Between the trails, the Genoese towers, the wetlands and the maquis, you will not miss any solicitations.

The others beaches in the region

Porto Pollo offers the immense advantage of being in the heart of a rich region for beach lovers. From the hotel, you will be able to shine towards several beautiful coves and bays. Discover here our tips for beaches between Porto Pollo and Roccapina.