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All beaches in the region of Porto Pollo

The Valinco region is a real paradise for beautiful beaches lovers.
On the whole of the wide gulf, there is something for every taste, large expanses of sand, small wild creeks, animated beaches and preserved corners of paradise …

Here is a little overview of these Valinco beaches to discover during your stay in Porto Pollo. Indeed, we have selected them for you with an accessibility criterion from the hotel during the day.

Beaches near Porto-Pollo

Porto Pollo is the port and seaside of the municipality of Serra di Ferro. The small seaside resort has kept its human size and its family aspect. This is how the beaches in the heart of the village are very easily accessible and very pleasant for swimming and rest.

In the village
The beaches of Porto Pollo are within walking distance from the hotel, making the most of the promenade to enjoy the charms of the seaside establishments. This beautiful and large beach stretches from the marina to the Taravo beaches. The atmosphere is particularly pleasant with the family.

The Taravo beaches
These are beautiful and wide golden sandy beaches that occupy the mouth of Taravu. Often uncrowded, they are very popular with families for the space offered. It is also a high place of sport practices like kitesurfing or windsurfing.
Continuing towards Propriano, the beach of Tenutella marks the end of the municipality of Porto Pollo in favor of Olmeto. This beach like those of Abbartello and Scodi Neri remain close to the village. They are beautifully punctuated by the successions of the expanses of sands and granite blocks.

The beach of Cupabia
Without a doubt the most beautiful beach in the region of Porto Pollo. This beautiful wild and unspoiled bay is located north of the village a few minutes drive from Casa Murina. It is accessible via Serra di Ferro. Access is simple and parking easy thanks to the parking area installed. This beach alone deserves a stay in the region (learn more about the Cupabia beach).

The beaches of Propriano and Olmeto

The Gulf of Valinco is also commonly known as the gulf of Propriano. There are pretty beaches on the north coast such as Capiccilo or Calanca (with its famous tower). These ‘small’ sandy beaches are quite different from the beaches of Baracci, Lido or Arena Bianca in the heart of Propriano. These beaches are larger and more crowded.

South of Propriano, the very large beach of Capu Laurosu attracts many lovers of wild and pristine places every year. It must be recognized that the almost 4 km of beach around the mouth of the Rizzanese between Propriano and Portigliolo is enough to seduce virgin beaches lovers. This beach is also known for its strong waves in westerly winds, even in summer. Be very vigilant here.

This is the southern end of the Gulf of Valinco, facing Serra di Ferro. The bay of Campomoro could be compared to the bay of Porto Pollo, with this notion of “end of the world” so pleasant. The beach of Campomoro will seduce lovers of tranquility and charm. Please note that in full summer, the attendance is much more important.

The beaches of Sartene

Certainly we are no longer in the Gulf properly speaking but Sartène is part of the same micro-region called the Corsica of Origins. And yes, Sartène also has two beautiful beaches.

The region of Tizzano
The beaches of Tizzano are accessible by car quite easily. The first, the best known is the Avena beach at the entrance of the village. Further south, a few ten minutes walk, the beaches of Tradicetu and the Silver Beach await lovers of white sand and totally preserved spaces.

The beach of Roccapina
Certainly the best known , it is also the one which marks the passage to the extreme south of Corsica.
This beautiful sandy beach is sheltered from the famous Lion of Roccapina and its Genoese tower. Acces is via a dirt road at the Corali Hostel. Downstairs, no beach bar and restaurant… .but for the viewing pleasure! Learn more about Roccapina.